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          xổ số bình định kon tum

          The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1970 in order to form a single organization – with a clear identity – for Canadian mechanical engineers and technologists. It is a constituent society of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC).

          At the local, regional and national levels, the CSME provides a wide range of professional development activities for mechanical engineers and students with common fields of interest; these activities, which include networking as well as technical exchange occasions, are generally in the form of conferences, meetings, lectures, seminars, tours, etc. To learn more about these technical activities, click here:

          Technical Committees

          Other important channels of communication are through the official newsletter (CSME Bulletin), the technical journal (Transactions), and this web site. The CSME also recognizes excellence through various meritorious awards remitted at its annual Congress.

          Want to help the Society develop new programs, activities and recruit new members?

          Donate Now

          Engineering Career Opportunities:


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